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2020 Annual Physician-Computer Connection Symposium

    Dear Healthcare Professional:

    You are invited to attend the 29th annual Physician-Computer Connection Symposium, June 16-19, 2020, a program defining the latest issues and advances in the direct physician use of healthcare information systems and technology.

    National experts in clinical computing and healthcare information technology will present their views in a highly interactive forum, which allows you to participate.

    This program is based on the popular books, “The Physician – Computer Connection”, and “The Physician-Computer Conundrum” written by well known healthcare practitioners William F. Bria, MD and Richard L. Rydell, who are among the faculty of the symposium. Register for the conference now!

2019 PCC Agenda

Target Audience

    • Physicians, CMOs, CMIOs, CIOs, Healthcare Executives, Nurses, Clinicians, Vendors and Consultants.

Program Topics